Comfortable & Confident

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"What a find! Working with Erin Williams to locate a property on Salt Spring has been a true pleasure. Erin's knowledge of Salt Spring and hr connection to the people has made us feel comfortable

Highly Recommended

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"We came from Switzerland to purchase a holiday home and luckily we were introduced to Erin. Erin Williams helped us find our ideal house and closed the deal in only 4 days! Once we were

Sound Advice

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For Gord Ellis: "Again you have successfully marketed property for me with the wonderful result that crops will be grown on our former farms on Salt Spring Island! Thank you for all the issues you

Helpful & Trustworthy

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"Both the referring agent, Sarah Doyle, and the agent we ended up with in Qualicum, were down to earth and very helpful and trustworthy.  We had a very positive experience dealing with PHR.  Candi Drath

Incredible Service

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"Incredible service from Heather Gartley.  She went over and above our expectations.  We hope she is available for our next move." Rachel C.

Quick Sale

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For Ann Watley: "The first offer was received a day after the listing was made. The offer was $20K over asking. It can’t get much better than that." Marilyn A.

Tremendously Rewarding

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"Shannon Norris was extremely professional and motivated to help me find the right house for us and complete the process within a very challenging time constraint.  It was a tremendously rewarding experience and I would

Above & Beyond

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"Cliff Weitlaufer went above and beyond! He was professional, thoughtful, helpful and easy to work with. He exceeded my expectations." Jose C.

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