Deciding where you want to live isn’t as easy as pointing it out on a map. There are a number of things one must consider before they are ready to make an investment. For instance: how close is the nearest school? Is there access to the outdoors? How much will I need to spend?


If you haven’t begun thinking about these kinds of features, you probably should. While some may not be as important as others, you will find that you have a number of needs that must be fulfilled. Let’s take a look at the most important things prospective homeowners should consider before deciding where to live.



Affordability refers to your living expenses, or what you’ll need to spend each day to live comfortably. If gas and groceries are expensive in the community you’re considering, you may want to look elsewhere.


Employment Opportunities

If you haven’t already nailed down a job, it’s important you understand what employment opportunities are available. If you plan on remaining in your current line of work, make sure you can at least line something up upon your arrival.


Real Estate Value

Considering that this may be the single largest investment you ever make, it’s important you think it over thoroughly. Research current trends in the market, like prices, resale value, and long term value estimates. If you can avoid a seller’s’ market, you should.


Crime Rates

Crime is an inevitability, but that doesn’t mean certain areas aren’t safer than others. Make sure that wherever you’re going isn’t at the mercy of criminal activity.



Depending on what kind of weather you prefer, it will affect where you want to live. For instance, if large amounts of rain aren’t for you, you’ll want to reconsider real estate in Gold River. Climate makes a huge impact on our day-to-day way of life, and can even affect our mental health.



If you have kids, your proximity to proper education is a must. Similarly, if you plan on returning to post-secondary yourself, you will want to be by a university.



Depending on your lifestyle, cultural stimulation may be crucial. Most city centres have access to clubs, art galleries and sports arenas, but many smaller communities will not.



Access to public transportation is a big deal, especially when you may need to commute to and from work on each and every day. If too much time on the bus sounds unbearable, consider purchasing property somewhere closer to where you work.



Living in Victoria, we’re lucky to be by so much nature. Head in any which way and you’ll find some sort of outdoor activity. If getting outside is important to you, this will be a big one.


Nearest Amenities

You’d be surprised at how important it is to live near a shopping centre. If you can’t get groceries in a timely fashion, life is that much more difficult. Consider how far commercial spaces are, and what kind of transportation you’ll need to get there.



Healthcare facilities are especially important when living with seniors or other at-risk individuals. If there is an emergency in the middle of the night, how long will it take first responders to reach you?


Finding the perfect place to live includes more than just your house. Make sure you are happy with the location of the neighbourhood you want to live in as well as everything the neighbourhood as to offer! Consider these eleven factors before you make an investment. No matter what your needs may be, we here at Pemberton Holmes are here to help you. If you need professional advice or are simply looking for a suggestion, contact us today and we’ll get you in touch with a certified REALTOR®.