Did you know Salt Spring Island has been a hot vacation spot for years? If you didn’t, it might be time to plan a trip to the gorgeous island. Located in the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and the B.C. Mainland, Salt Spring Island has great proximity to Victoria and other major cities in BC. Being so close but far enough from the hustle and bustle of big city life, the island is easily accessible by seaplane or BC Ferries. It’s an ideal spot for urbanites in search of a retreat.

From its luxe Bed & Breakfasts to its bustling art scene, Salt Spring Island is the place chefs, artists, writers and dreamers (to name a few) like to call home. If you have a sense of adventure, the island has a ton of unique activities that allow you to explore every facet of the island.

If you enjoy the modern conveniences of urban living but need a break from it all, Salt Spring Island may be the perfect vacation spot for you. See why you should be taking a trip to this beautiful place.


History of the Island

The history of the island is an interesting one. Salt Spring Island was and still is to this day a Coast Salish territory. The 43-acre reserve on the eastern side of Fulford Harbour was established in 1877 and the views today are just as magnificent as they were more than a century ago. The name Salt Spring was adopted in 1905 and the island soon became known as Salt Spring Island because of the North End salt springs, which are still there today. Today, the island spans over 180 km and has approximately 10,500 residents.


Outdoor Adventure

The beauty of vacationing on an island is getting to experience the outdoors in the most breathtaking way. If you love nature, Salt Spring Island will be your paradise. From whale watching to challenging hikes, to kayaking, the island has so much to offer. For a list of the fun activities you can immerse yourself in, check out the island’s recreation page.


Arts & Culture

If Arts & Culture is more your thing, the island has you covered. Salt Spring Island is internationally recognized for its talented population of musicians, artists and writers. The island is so full of talent, Coastal Living Magazine named the island the top small arts town in Canada.


Local Food

From June 5 – October 31, the Salt Spring Tuesday Farmer’s Market takes place every week at Centennial Park in Ganges Village. The food-only market highlights fresh, local, and seasonal products with an extensive range of meat, herbs, fruit, vegetables and more. There are about a thousand visitors who flock to the market each week to scoop up all the local food Salt Spring has to offer.

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