When I called to discuss a property of potential interest to a prospective client that I had been in touch with off and on for a few years I discovered that he had died suddenly. His widow later called me to say that she had decided to sell some of their properties on Salt Spring. One of which was a 320 acre parcel high up on Musgrave Road, forested, off the grid and remote. An evaluation indicated that selling this large parcel in a reasonable length of time was unlikely, but as we walked the land and considered what to do, we discovered several unique ecological aspects to the property. Based on this, I approached Salt Spring Island Conservancy to see if they had any interest. After a cooperative comprehensive review and much discussion we arrived at a method of structuring the sale so that all parties were well pleased with the result. The seller received compensation, some assets for future sale, and a legacy, while the conservancy obtained a valuable property that will forever preserve this unique property for the benefit of the community and the environment. ~ Gord Ellis, Associate Broker