Did you know that ecological furnishings add more to a space than a place to sit? They are pieces of art that spring from nature to dwell exclusively in the homes of people.

Naturalistic furniture pieces are objects of experience that invite sensual experiences. They delight the senses with the absence of machine-made perfection. Touching rough or uneven surfaces may trigger memories of youth when the outdoors was a big playroom. The fragrance of the natural oils in wood or other materials excites the senses.

The contemporary, urban aesthetic is often positioned as a luxurious and transcendental experience. An evolution from frontier to space age. This mindset reflects our drive for success and attainment. Psychologically, though, we crave the common and ordinary as a reminder of a sense of community and earlier times. That’s why people retreat to cottages and cabins when rest is due. Simple and rustic furniture represents a connection with our heritage. It lends the strength of its character to create a welcoming environment.

There are four basic types of rustic furniture that can be described on a spectrum of refinement. The simplest is the craftwork of 2×4 furniture. The legendary Muskoka, or Adirondack, chair is a wonderful example of how a few leftover boards from a deck or planter project can become a family favourite perch. Depending on the species of wood used, this type of furniture can be left to weather naturally or painted. The 2×4 method may be continued throughout your yard to include planters, simple benches, and porch swings, to name a few projects. These are terrific for beginner DIYers because they’re simple to make.

Bent twig furniture can be made at home but, if you have average craft skills, you may prefer to purchase it from a reputable maker. These rustic pieces are assembled from twigs of different sizes and colours woven into decorative patterns. The sculptural appearance and character of each piece is unique. They have a natural beauty that can set the mood for long reads on a veranda or elegant tea parties in the garden. Indoors, this construction technique is wonderful juxtaposed with mid-century modern furniture. The contrast between futuristic minimalism and pioneer spirit creates a resonance that can fill the room. It’s for those who may appreciate the bourgeois-bohemian aesthetic.

If you enjoy a rustic lifestyle that may include a log home or a mountain retreat, you may like the log furniture technique. It is steeped in history with an undeniable connection with the land. Log furniture can be produced economically in a factory or handmade by craftspeople, sometimes with exceptional skill and experience. Pieces are made with full-round logs of various diameters fitted together with durable mortise-and-tenon joints. These pieces can be dramatic statements that instantly ground a room with their weight and meaning.

Rustic furniture can provide a certain calm that is reassuring. It’s not necessary to fill your home with these pieces. A few, well-chosen items can delight the senses. Perhaps a twig bench in the mudroom or a Muskoka chair set for guests would help you reconnect with nature. Whichever method of furniture craft you choose, you can be sure that it will become the centre of attention and conversation and perhaps a well-loved heirloom.

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